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Rich Design

Design Eleven artists have a deep understanding of high-level concepts like layout, typography, and color. We create custom illustration and enhance photographic images for unique products. Form and function is important to a high-quality marketing piece. When Design Eleven creates a brochure, seven key principles of design are considered:

Balance • Proportion • Contrast • Economy • Direction • Emphasis • Space

Our graphic artists execute print design through:

  • Integrating InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Establishing a workflow that combines maximum efficiency with maximum editing flexibility
  • Working with our pressman at the outset
  • Designing with grids to create balance
  • Choosing fonts and color palettes for a consistent look and feel
  • Manipulating images for maximum impact
  • Exploring different brochure formats and folding
  • Proofing and printing the final product