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KO Restaurant Grand Opening

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Grand Opening

If you are getting close to a soft opening or you are right about to launch your grand opening, get in touch. Design Eleven is great at sorting out the must haves for a successful launch. We can provide consistant style across the board for all your restaurant and retail needs.

  • Wind Feathers
  • Apparel
  • Food Menu
  • Website

Wind feathers can promote sales, products, services and giveaways (in full color) by extending your storefront to the street and drawing in foot traffic. Design Eleven can create a custom, colorful, high-contrast wind feather for your new business, and get more customers to come through your front doors.

Quality branded apparel comes in handy as sudo-uniforms for your staff and be an excellent marketing promo item for your customers. Design Eleven provided beautiful designs and apparel. We offer screen printed apparel, embroidered apparel, and digital printed apparel. If you need flags, curtains, backdrops, tableclothes, cloth napkins, we can do die sublimation fabrics too! 

Pictures say a thousand words. Add tantalizing descriptions, tasty upsellers, delicious cross-sellers, and viola! You have a menu that sells more items than the waitress can even begin to describe. Design Eleven designs and produces high-impact food menus in an endless variety of formats. For example, add an affordable durability factor for a slick, 14 point gloss cover with UV coating. Serve. Smudge. Wipe. Repeat.

The better your web presence, the better your profit. We know more about web design and web marketing than anything else. And we can create a gorgeous food menu on your site. If you need something simple or something robust, look no further— yes, Design Eleven can do it.