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About Bungee Video

web video production services

What we are

Bungee is essentially a group of creative folks who are really into collaborating, shooting video, editing it, and helping you share it across any device. Design Eleven fully understands marketing, so we create the right video marketing assets to fulfill your web marketing strategy. We use video to tell your brand’s story. And we do so with passion and expertise.

Bungee videos explain what you do in 60 seconds

We're easy to work with

Real creatives will have the pleasure of completing a video product for you. We’ll give you a great user experience. Without a doubt, one that you’ll enjoy.

We do special effects

We do fast/slow motion, enhanced motion blur, Green Screen, 3D modeling and animation, simulated fire, smoke, water, and particles.

We do clean design

Bungee Videos are responsive and beautiful on all devices.
We care how your videos look and sound on mobile, desktop, tablets and televisions (large and small).

Edit existing video

You captured the footage and now we are going to edit it. We handle all video formats, regardless of size, whether it’s on your phone, computer or cloud services.

We publish everywhere

We hyper-syndicate your web video across many channels. From YouTube & Vimeo to Facebook & Google+, we’ve got you covered.

Diverse voice talent

When your project requires narrative, you can choose anything from a Morgan Freeman to a Fran Drescher voice over. We will get your story told in just the right tone.

Video Shooting

Studio or on-location • Single or multi-camera productions • HD and DSLR cameras • Jib and motion sliders • Camera Light • Three-Point Lighting Kits • Shotgun Microphone with boom pole accessories • Wireless Microphone • Portable Digital Audio Recorder • Steady Cam • Tripod Dolly • And More

Video Editing

Non-linear video editing, Color Correcting / Grading • Graphics, Animation, Audio • Effects • 3-D Animation • Adobe CC Suite

Production Studios

The studio we access is the ideal place for all types of media productions, performances, and studio equipment usage. The modern space makes the studio equally conducive for filming interviews, making training and marketing videos, music videos and complex audio and video productions.

Creative Services

Concept / Treatment Development • Screenwriting / Scriptwriting • Story Board / Shotlist Development • Directing • DOP